• Calgary

Nellie Olivier

Nellie Olivier was born and raised in Québec from parents that immigrated from Haiti. She studied Tourism Management at Institut du tourisme et hotellerie du Québec. During those years, she discovered different passions in her field such as Event planning, Hospitality and Service industry. When she graduated, she got the opportunity to work in the Aviation field and she relocated to Calgary, Alberta. She realized that was the best way to mix 2 of her favorite hobbies traveling and helping others. She always had a passion for volunteering because she can give without expecting anything in return and she has the ability to bring positivity in a room. She had the privilege to be volunteering overseas to build a school in her community in Haiti and the inauguration of a fresh spring water in Ethiopia.

In her spare time, Nellie loves to plan ski trips or outdoor activities with her friends. Now that she is a new mom she can’t wait to introduce her daughter to all of her passions.